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Unfuck Your Weekend: Day 1

Unfuck Your Weekend: Challenge 1

Get out of your bed and pay it some attention. Throw your bedding in the washer before you start today’s adventures (and then add detergent and start the washer, smartasses). Be honest, your sheets need washing, don’t they? If not, or if you don’t have access to a washing machine right now, MAKE YOUR BED.

After you start the washer or make your bed, round out your 20 minutes washing some dishes, unloading or reloading the dishwasher, or scrubbing your sink and drying rack.

10 minute break when you’re done.


Unfuck Your Weekend: Challenge 2

20 minutes in the kitchen. De-scuzz the stovetop, wipe down the counters, throw away the gross food in the fridge. If you see it, clean it. You’ll be surprised how much you can get done in 20 minutes. If the washer’s done, put your stuff in the dryer. If there’s already stuff in the dryer, PUT IT AWAY. Like, AWAY away, not languishing in a basket.

10 minute break when you’re done.


Unfuck Your Weekend: Challenge 3

20 minutes cleaning the bathroom. Start by filling the tub and sink with hot water and cleaner. Pour some cleaner in the toilet. Wipe down all surfaces, get the gunk off of the bottles in the shower, empty the trash, sweep or Swiffer the floor, wipe down the walls, then drain and wipe the sink and tub, and scrub the toilet.

Any time left over? Go through your medicine cabinet or drawers and do some unfucking.

10 minute break when you’re done.


Unfuck Your Weekend: Challenge 4

Sheets dry yet? If so, make your bed. After that, start another load of laundry. How’s your laundry area? Gross? Use your 20 minutes making it less gross.


Unfuck Your Weekend: Challenge 5

Time to head into the bedroom. This 20 minutes, focus on getting rid of the floordrobe, put your shoes back where they belong, and put away any laundry hanging out in baskets or on surfaces.


Unfuck Your Weekend: Challenge 6

Back to the bedroom. This time, focus on your surfaces: nightstand, dresser, etc. Clear them off, put shit back where it belongs, and give everything a good dusting.


Unfuck Your Weekend: Challenge 7

To the living/family room! Start by clearing off the coffee and end tables. Straighten the bookshelves. Put away anything that belongs somewhere else. Fold any blankets, fluff the pillows, dust what needs dusting, and run a quick vacuum.


Unfuck Your Weekend: Challenge 8

You’re avoiding something. It might be an invisible corner. It might be a box of crap you need to deal with. It might be your junk drawer. Whatever it is that you’ve been relieved that none of the challenges so far have made you deal with, that’s what you’re dealing with for the next 20 minutes. Don’t lie to yourself. You’re putting something off, but now you have to go deal with it.

When you’re done, take the rest of the day off. We’ll see you in the morning with more challenges!


Unfuck Your Weekend: Day 2




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