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Asking for Help

So, you’ve realized that your mess is too big to handle on your own. Maybe you’re dealing with mental illness, chronic illness, chronic pain, or another obstacle, and you simply can’t do it by yourself. That’s fine. First, congratulations on recognizing and taking the steps you need to get healthy. That’s huge and should be celebrated on its own.

Second, an absolutely fascinating phenomenon is that most people hate cleaning up their own environments, but they LOVE getting their hands on someone else’s mess. If you have friends who you’re comfortable discussing the mental or physical aspects of your situation with, then I suggest honesty. Explain to them that you’ve reached a point where you need to make some changes, but it’s too big of a job to do on your own. Ask if you could have their help for an afternoon or two to help you clear out your physical space. Anyone who’s a friend to you will roll up their sleeves and pitch in.

If you aren’t comfortable discussing the mental aspects with them, just explain that you really want to get your mess under control, but you could use some extra hands pitching in. Provide snacks and drinks and a pizza or two, and I can pretty much guarantee that they’ll help you out, although you may owe someone help with a move or something in the future. Don’t do it under the pretense of a party or an afternoon just hanging out, because that’s a sure way to have people feeling manipulated.


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