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About Excuses

Whenever it’s time to talk about cleaning, a startling number of people are quick to reply with their “reasons” why they can’t do that particular thing. You’re not trying to convince me, or your fellow unfuckers. You’re rationalizing to yourself why you won’t take a step in a different direction. And honestly, for things like making your bed, in the time it takes you to type out your excuses, you could have already made your bed.

I’m sure some of you are just trying to be funny, and some of the more creative ones are kind of funny, but think of how much support Team UfYH gives to one another, and how maybe negative voices aren’t that helpful for someone who might be struggling to get started.

I’ve said a million times (well, a lot of times) that if a particular challenge doesn’t apply to you, or you’re at work or in a different time zone, either save the challenge for later or do something else. Your pantry is already unfucked? Do a couple of 20/10s on your bedroom. The challenges are suggestions, and (I hope) helpful for people who need a push in order to get started. But a chorus of negativity is counterproductive.

Many people with mental illnesses, chronic illnesses, or chronic pain are using UfYH as a tool to help create order out of chaos. And if you’re in a bad space, you don’t really need much encouragement to do nothing. You need encouragement to do something. Anything. So maybe we try being supportive of our fellow unfuckers, and if a challenge doesn’t apply to you, maybe think about what you can do instead of the challenge?

Words have power, people, and excuses are lazy words.

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