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Welcome Packet

Welcome aboard! If you’re new to UfYH, here’s the welcome packet:

•I curse. A lot. If this is problematic for you, we may have to admire each other from afar. There will be many f-bombs, as well as some more creative stuff.

•A 20/10 is 20 minutes of unfucking (cleaning, studying, what have you) followed by a 10-minute break. 45/15s are the same, only, you know, 45 and 15.

•A drain volcano is baking soda and white vinegar poured down a drain. We call it a volcano because, well, you’ll see.

The UfYH Fundamentals list is a good place to start to see what we’re all about.

•This is the UfYH supplies master list. This covers most of the items/products I frequently reference.

•I do not have a degree from stain college. If you have a specific stain question, Google is your best friend. Someone out there has found the perfect stain remover, and it’s probably on the very first page of Google results.

•Before and after pictures are super helpful. Even if you never share them with anyone, they’re good to have for your own reference.

•This is very important: No matter how fucked your habitat is, you are not beyond help. You can make progress. It will take time. But it’s easier than you think.

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