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Unfuck Your Weekend: Day 2

All rested up from Day 1? Let’s go.


Unfuck Your Weekend: Challenge 9

Start by making your bed!

Time to double check your flat surfaces. Any table, counter, desk, or bookshelf that you haven’t already dealt with is getting some attention. Clear them off, put or throw stuff away, and clean or dust off the surface.


Unfuck Your Weekend: Challenge 10

By this point, almost everything should be done but most of your floors. (If you were following along, you’ll have swept your bathroom and vacuumed the living room.)

Grab the vacuum and a mop and bucket (or, if you’re me, your steam mop WHICH IS THE BEST THING EVER) and go to town on your floors. You should have access to most floors, since you picked up all of your clothes and put everything back where it belongs everywhere else.


Unfuck Your Weekend: Challenge 11

To the bathroom! Time to go through the medicine cabinet, drawers, and any other storage you have in there. Throw out anything expired or gross, wipe down anything icky or sticky, sort, toss, organize and clean. Check to see if you’re running low on anything (especially critical stuff, like toilet paper).


Unfuck Your Weekend: Challenge 12

This one’s for pet owners. No pets? Do a freestyle 20/10 on whatever needs unfucking.

Pet owners: wash out those slobbery food and water dishes, and wipe down the area where your pets get fed, including any cabinet or wall surfaces that may get accidental splatter mess. Cat people, clean out your litter box. Gather up any toys and pet-related detritus scattered around the house and put them away. Wash your pet’s bedding. It smells. Trust me.


Unfuck Your Weekend: Challenge 13

Unfuck your bills!

Find, organize, and, if you can, pay your bills. Now is a good time to set up automated payments or online bill pay if you haven’t already. If you’re out of stamps, still get the bills ready to go and put them on top of your purse or bag so that you get a book of stamps the next time you’re out.


Unfuck Your Weekend: Challenge 14

Time for a final wipedown of all the germy surfaces in your house. Those little fuckers like to linger. Take a few minutes and wipe down your door handles, sink and tub faucets, toilet flusher knob, and light switches. While you’re at it, switch out your hand towels and dish towels for fresh ones.

Enjoy your clean(er) house and the rest of your weekend!





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