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Random Laundry Tips

Facing an overwhelming pile of laundry? Do loads of like items. One load of all socks and underwear, and you’ll find that putting it away is a snap. One load of stuff that gets hung up. One load of stuff that goes in the middle dresser drawer. Save time in the crucial “put it away” step.

Accidentally leave a load in the washer overnight? Put it through a rinse/spin cycle with a half-cup of vinegar. The smell will be gone by the time it’s dry, and will take out any mustiness. If it’s been longer than a day, though, you should probably rewash.

Stuck at the laundromat? Do all your folding/hanging before you leave. No baskets of random stuff chucked in, getting wrinkled. Bring your empty hangers with you. The folding tables skeeve you out? Bring an old towel and fold on that, putting it in the hamper when you get home.

Laundry has three steps: wash, dry, PUT AWAY. We have piles of laundry because we forget that third step. It is just as critical as the first two.

BRING YOUR EMPTY HANGERS. Hang things up right from the dryer. Things can’t languish in the basket if they’re never in the basket.

Do not leave clothes in the dryer. As soon as that buzzer buzzes, the clothes come out. Pretend your dryer is going to charge you rent for your clothes. Don’t give it a single theoretical dime.

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