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Challenge: Unfuck Your Closet

Oh, hello there, closet. You’re looking awfully full these days.

Grab a garbage bag or box, and then spend the next 30 minutes weeding through your clothes and bagging or boxing up anything that would be more at home in someone else’s closet. Shirt you haven’t worn in six years? Bye-bye. Jeans that fit sixteen-year-old you perfectly, but that mmblfrrgh-year-old you will never be able to zip again? See ya. Be honest, and be brutal here. It’s really hard to be confronted with how much money you’ve spent on things that no longer serve any purpose for you, but by getting them out of your space, you’re freeing up room for pieces you love and wear, and putting the things you no longer use in the hands of someone who could use them.

After your half hour is up, bring your bag out to your car (if you have one), or set it in a place where it will make its way to the donation bin in the next 48 hours. If you don’t have a way to get your stuff to a donation center, in a lot of areas in the U.S., Big Sisters will come pick up your stuff if you schedule a time online. You just have to set it outside, clearly marked.

Half an hour. Go. Do it now. Right fucking now. Go.

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